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“Naming for your business ? Lets Branding Experts do it”

At Brandliter we create brands from ideas. We invent powerful names for products and companies that can attract human attention. Naming is most definitely one of the key element in branding to stand out from the crowd. . Ranging from large corporate to small retail businesses, it is ultimately the right naming that makes your business memorable. The main objective of naming is creating an everlasting, positive, image of the brand on the customer’s/consumer’s mind. A unique name and an attractive image are the first and yet the most essential steps to efficient branding. Naming and visual impact is followed by extensive advertising and promotion. Basically, you have to create a complete identity package unique to your brand.



Our experts can recommend the best branding strategy suitable for your business and industry.. It involves analyzing the market and targeting the right audience. Your branding must be able to portray the quality of the products you deliver and how you differentiate from competition. It must have the power to give a clear and direct message of what it stands for. To be able to do that you need to know what message do you want your brand to give. Based on that, comes the logo; followed by a tagline. It is the mark of any business that is global, unique and an impact in itself.


At brandliter our job is to find answers to all these questions for our clients. How do you want people to perceive your brand? What message should your brand give? Where must your brand stand? And when must it be promoted?

The distribution channels you choose to promote your brand also influence the effectiveness and widespread acceptance. Only when you create this whole identity package can you expect positive results. Your brochure design is another key factor that must be carefully considered. It is the first impression you make with individual consumers. It needs to be attractive, impressive and thoroughly detailed; without being boring!



First, convince yourself. Know your brand and be convinced that it is the best anyone can get. Unless, you are satisfied yourself you cannot satisfy or convince your consumers. Are your products really the best? Is there really nothing better? What more can you offer? Ask yourself these questions and work accordingly.


Naming and Branding involves extensive research. We will do all the research through as many markets and theories we can before recommending a final name.


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Let our experts build and create a name for your business/ product. Be true to your brand!




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A Spinoff Process

In our company was a stressful situation for everyone including every level of the employee. Our collaborative and efficient engagement with Brandliter defined the process and strategic planning in a productive manner within specified timeline.

Isabel Roth
Quality & Creativity

We have been working with Brandliter on multiple sessions, I am very impressed with the quality of their creative thinking and strategy. Brandliter contributed in many areas of our company vision and they were instrumental for the success of our branding strategy.

Tray Calvin
Very Helpful And Supportive

As a part of our re-branding process omicron launched a new brand to our customers. The rebranded name and identity represent all the visual qualities and marketing requirement to showcase our products and services.Brandliter team was very helpful and supported us under tight timelines and demanding expectations.

Kay West