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Brandliter specializes in logo designs that are creative, clever, and inventive. Our professional design experts combine just the right amount of sophistication and artistic insight to present a clear, bold and definitive logo statement. The business and individualized needs of our clients are reflected in all our creativity and logo designs.


Curry House Indian Restaurant

CurryHouse restaurant built and designed Mobile app and website designed for Indian based Restaurant in US with amazing Indian delicious food served in US created for the specified group of customers who love to eat Indian food. A easy to order food with a clean user interface.


Truck Repair Hub

Truck Repair Hub is a premiere online platform, built and designed to connect truck-related businesses with truckers. From certified DOT medical examiners to reputable mechanics; local repair shops to branded dealerships; boutique hotels to franchise inns – our locator includes just about every type of service the on-the-go driver needs.


Mighty Musicians

Mighty Musicians logo is all about teaching and learning. Music is one of life’s most meaningful experiences. It is a uniquely human experience, and as such it should never be forced on a child.  The logo represents how a young musician loves the music.



Stagiant logo represents the power, strength and quality of its brand specifically for TV wall bracket, designed for LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma screen TVs.


RD Media Labs

RD Media Labs is a new startup IT company, RD represent a name of the client itself and Logo icon represent the digital service they provide worldwide.


Pegasus Jumps

Horse community and providers of specialized products such as Handcrafted Jumpers, Rails & planks, Boxes, Gates,Columns & Wing Standards. In USA by jumpers for jumpers.


Datacoach Logo & Branding

DataCoach concept is all about sharing knowledge from one brain to another. Share and you will get more in return. Sharing, coaching, teaching and the world of knowledge-datacoach!


Sense Appeal

The importance of the immersive experience, Love, nature, affection and soft as Swan.


Solyce Fly Fishing

Logo design for the company, SOLYCE Fly Fishing


Stinson Capital Management

Brand identity for the company, Stinson capital Management.


JF Heating & Air Conditioning

Cold or hot? JF Heating & Air conditioning wanted to reflect their service specialty in their logo.


Arrowad Colleges

Arrowad Colleges logo is designed for a KSA based higher education institution.


Cooking Master Logo design

Cooking Master Logo created for a catering company and 2 O’s in the logo creatively converted to a chef holding a dish on his hand.



Looks Sunglasses Logo is created for a sunglass exporter/wholesaler. The2 O’s is a form of Sunglass and eyes which make the logo unique and easy to convey the nature of the business.


LAB School

The logo is designed for a Lab School who is specializing in research and development, you can see a test tube form inside the letter “A” The round drops represent molecules.It was a challenge when the company wanted to incorporate chemistry into the logo.

talent hunt idol logo


Idol Logo design is created talent recruiting company and the letter O in the logo used as stage Hot spot light with a tiny little character have bigger shadow which represent small idol with big talent.


Topaz Group of Companies

Logo and complete branding for the Topaz Group of Companies. Topaz is a leading economic force in West Africa with satellite offices in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and most recently in New York.


Santa Claus

Santa Claus Logo design was created for a seasonal gift shop mainly selling Christmas related lighting and gift items.




This Logo is designed for an engineering Company who specializes in engineering works around the world. The icon represents global, innovative, eco-friendly, engineering work.


Alaska Radiators

Hello Alaska! It is cold and we are here to provide heating for you. The logo represents the exclusive service company provides in the state of Alaska.


Live Up

Live up logo design cleverly convey the meaning of word itself. It is created for a luxury builder for their real estate business of upscale homes and apartments.


Email Datazone

Email Datazone logo is created for a data providing company which provide Email Data’s information based on the different categories of services of several countries and specialties’ across the globe & the Logo Icon represent a Email and Briefcase representing the Business.


Countries and states

Countries and States logo is designed for a data providing company and the logo icon as global formed with the letter “C” and S as a form of road.


HCM Diamonds

HCM Diamonds logo is created for a jewelry store, which sell custom designed bridal jewelry collections. The logo has a diamond icon, which give a feel of custom – made jewelry.


EquiTeam Eden

Merging two company names and logo was the main challenging task in this project. We created a logo representing both companies.


Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner logo created for a wedding planner company. The word wedding has a ring bonding letters D&D.The chain denotes a bond, connection, affection about two people joining.


Natty Pride

Natty Pride NP logo is designed for a sportswear apparel brand.



NG as Signature logo design is created for an amazing Photographer. The Overall look of the logo is representing a camera lens along with initials of the photographer name.

NG as Signature logo design is created for an amazing Photographer. The Overall look of the logo is representing a camera lens along with initials of the photographer name.



Beauticora  name and the logo created for a Organic Cosmetic brand. The logo represent the gift of  nature to the entire humanity & has a cure for almost everything.



DNA logo is simple and clever created for a DNA research company where you can see the overall look of logo is infinity symbol formed with the 3 letter DNA where N formed in the negative space of D & A.

bali decor logo

Bali Decor

Bali Decor is the logo created for an Interior designer and decorator. The logo created with the name of the client with soothing color combinations and hand icon represent a touch of Bali would change your life style.



Pincode logo is created for GPS related service provider. A pin monogram is used instead of letter “I” represents pinpointing the location, Address or Destination.A red round and white dot on top of the letter “I” represents a camera searching the location.


CMR Molecular Imaging

CMR Molecular Imaging logo and Podium designs for the Exhibition


ProMed Solutions

Brand identity and Post card designs created for ProMed Solutions


PanelUp Logo

Brand identity designed for PanelUp.com.au


JLR General Contractor

Brand identity designed for JLR General Contractor.inc


J11 WestCoast

Brand identity designed for J11 West Coast



The pen is truly mightier than the sword which is really true in Evansword. Writers have shaped human history, capturing some of the most important historical events. No matter what type of writing you like to read, your amazing content you may need, you can’t go wrong with Evansword.

pacmuwka logo design


Pacmuwka logo is dedicated to the store who sell kids toys, baby products, and cloths.Keeping the logo clean and simple as readable to kids.


The Kuwait Daily Logo & Website

Brand identity and website design for the company, The Kuwait Daily is a Platform that gives you the place to selling and buying anything for free 


Indian Party Wear

Logo and Website designing for the upcoming online store selling Indian Party Wear.



Loza is the name of the client and keeping the logo as simple as the name. Using the custom font to the logo gives the feel of Luxury and innovation.


Green Planeta

Green Planeta Logo is made for a client for their eco-friendly business.The company wanted to have a clean logo associated with their company name. After a number of design changes and revision, final concept of Green Planeta Logo was born with the first letters of a company name.


Bentabay logo & website

Bentabay is a Filipino Garage sales classified website



Kinder logo design created for the client, Using K as separatecolor, which represent the name of the client and a kind and loving person with their business name.