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Wedding Photo Retouching

A wedding photo retouch for the photo album cover page for one of the newly married couple. Recreated a beautiful sky and ocean with a fascinating color combination to create this unrealistic weather.

Photo Retouch

Photo retouch and converted to high resolution created for the kid photo album cover page by making it look more clean and bright as like the picture is taken by professional camera.

Photo Converted to Painting

One of the old photo taken in there backyard and  Convert the photo to look like fantasy world using Photoshop was not an easy task for our creative team by keeping the foreground elements same as in the original photo and changed the background to a dark forest with fog and sunlight had come up with beautiful result.

Converting Photo to Painting

Convert the closeup photo to a painting is really a challenging job, every detail element has to be focused carefully like hairs, Eyes, Nose, Lips, eyebrows, eye lashes and skin tone and most importantly the over all light effects which make it more original to look like the original face.

Photo Special Effects

Many photos which has been taken would never look beautiful until the photo reach to the photoshop experts, some of the similar photos we took and played around with effects and you can see the result yourself.

Photo Enhancement

Some time we take perfect moments photos and we realize few corrections would enhance the photo much better and here is an another example of photo Enhancement by one of our photoshop expert.

Photo Mixing

Image editing, it is not easy for the new bee but when you are familiar with the tool then nothing can stop you, checkout the above one of the best photo mixing converted the photo in to underwater angel by our experts.

Photo Enhancement

Another photo retouching sample were you can see an ordinary dull photo changed to more attractive pic by removing dots, wrinkles and more clean hairs with fresh look & beautiful blur background which enhance the beauty of this lady.

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