“Give your brand the name it deserves!”

Having the right name is the core differentiator for a brand. What would Nike be without its name? Also, do you know that Nike was named after the goddess of victory from the Greek mythology?

Powerful brand names are the key to attract your audience’s attention. Google, Skype, Apple, FedEx, Hubspot – they are all know for their names, names that have created a legacy for them. So, whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, the motive of your brand name will always be to create a positive and everlasting image on your consumer’s mind.

That’s what we do at Brandliter – we create brands from ideas, ideas that go beyond the usual naming system.

BRAND STRATEGY - Strengthen your Market Position

A successful brand starts with a long-term plan that helps achieve your specific goals. Branding involves more than just a logo and a caption – it is about analysing the market and targeting the right audience with the right messaging.

Our branding experts will help you realise the strategy perceived. We, at Brandliter, will help you portray the quality of the products you deliver. And not just that! We’ll create a strategy that makes you stand out from your competition. Come, let’s create a mark for your business on the global map!

BRANDING – How, What, When, Where and Why?

We take pride in offering our clients the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. How do you want people to perceive your brand? What message should your brand give? Where must your brand stand? When must it be promoted?

Do you know that the distribution channels you choose to promote your brand also influence the effectiveness and widespread acceptance amongst your target market? Only when you create the complete visual identity package can you expect positive results.

So you see, your brochure design is as important as your logo and caption. Your first impression and all the forthcoming interactions you make with your prospects need to be attractive, impressive and detail oriented.

COGNITIVE FLUENCY – Trust Us, it’s Important for your Business!

So what’s cognitive fluency in the marketing world? It’s the concept of representing your brand in the simplest manner possible. The easier it is for your customers to comprehend your brand, the more acceptability they will have for your product or services. There’s cognitive fluency involved everytime you choose a name, a font or a design. Our experts ensure that there’s harmony in the branding we offer for your business.

But before you convince your customers, convince yourself! Are your products really the best? Is there really nothing better? What more can you offer? Ask yourself these questions before anything else. Unless, you are satisfied yourself, you’ll be unable to satisfy or convince your consumers. But one thing is clear – we’ll improve your cognitive fluency to improve your conversion rates!

RESEARCH – The Core Aspect of any Business

It goes without saying that naming and branding involves extensive research. And so does our work! While you perfect your product/service, we will do all the research through as many markets and theories we can before recommending the final name.

Don’t wait! Make that iconic move to build your brand equity.

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