Website Speed Optimization Service Translates to More Conversions

Are you doing everything right to make your website sing but still losing users? It could be due to a slow loading website – it is one of the most common culprits that scare away potential customers. Did you know that when a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, it results in 53% of abandoned visits? That means you could already be losing potential sales within a few seconds of someone reaching your website and making your SEO exercises futile. We can help you bridge this gap, get your website to the best speed, motivating your visitors to spend more time on the website, and give your business a fighting chance to boost conversions.

Our Website Speed Optimization Process

1. Website Audit

We analyze the entire website to figure out the issues with the current website architecture and get started on speeding up the website by media and database optimization and much more.

2. Performance Monitoring

Our team keeps an eye on your website performance constantly by running periodic tests. This makes us ready for improvements as soon as the website health drops

3. Error Notifications

You will receive timely reports when your website underperforms explaining the cause and effect. These detailed alerts make sure that you are apprised on how the website is performing at all times.

4. Global Testing

We test your website for major locations across the globe so that no matter where your office or server is located, all your visitors can access your website within seconds.

How we speed up your website?

Our experts use the best practices to make sure that your website gets a comprehensive solution and not just a temporary fix

  Media Compression

Optimizing the images and videos can make a huge difference in improving website speed and conversions. We make sure your website loads faster with the same quality images and videos.

  Screen Responsiveness

With a majority of users browsing with mobile and tablets, we ensure that your website is loads quickly and perfectly on all screens.

  Hosting Analysis

Slow hosting servers often lead to a sluggish website, we find the best hosting services that meet your requirements without compromising on website speed.

  Efficient Caching

The efficient browser and server caching of your website can reduce the website to half. We use the best plugins and codes to increase load time as well as reduce server load.

  Database Optimization

Periodic pruning of data such as old versions ensures that your database stays lean and does not increase the loading time for the website.

  Bad Requests

Broken links and missing pages are another reason that leads to higher bounce rates. We make sure that there is no missing content or webpages that turn away visitors.

Speed sells!

Ultra-lighting page load speed reinforces visitor engagement, retention, and increases revenue. Quick website response leads to maximum conversion rates, and a delay of each second can lead to customer dissatisfaction.
In some cases, your website may be loading fast while still having a significant scope for improvement. It is essential to test your site speed and its performance. Contact us today for a free no-obligation website speed analysis.

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