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A good website helps a business build momentum but for it to keep doing so, it takes constant attention and updation. Studies have shown that websites with webpages loading in less than 5 secs prove to have provided a 2X boost to the revenue. In today’s digital era of high-speed internet and mobile browsing at its peak, it is crucial that the website for your business is not only top of the line but also always performs to the best standards. Our team of professionals has the expertise to update, customize, and optimize websites built using any platform. We make sure that your investment into your website generates maximum return.

But why do you need website maintenance?

To continue attracting customers to your website, it is crucial for you to have fresh, updated and relevant content. You need to show that you are a customer-centric brand, which can only be possible when you offer new content regularly, continue to test customer contact, test your website and service features, update your current offerings and more.

Search engines love fresh content. With an inactive website, search engines will push your ranking down costing you a loss in revenue. Who’d want their competition to rank over them, right?

Your website is your brand identity in today’s digital era. Obsolete design, technical bugs and poor user experience can make your customers run away from you even before you can imagine.

So why should you choose Brandliter for your website maintenance?

Improved Speed

We know how precious your and your clients’ time is. The first and foremost diagnostic we run is for the website loading speed. The task doesn’t end by simply improving the load time, we monitor the website and provide you with an exhaustive roadmap to make your webpages speedy.

Bug Fixes and Support

One of the most common reasons to lose a website visitor is broken links and bugs. This could be due to incomplete site mapping, malware, or outdated third-party plugins. We help up overcome all of these and more while creating periodic backups for your website to ensure your data is always safe.


From layout changes to the addition of new webpages or an overhaul of the homepage, no task is small or insignificant for us. We can provide task-based support as well as package services for any customizations for your website. At Brandliter, we make client satisfaction is what we strive for at each stage.

Site Migration

There are a lot of website platforms available today, Are you looking to move your website from one platform to another but with the same look and navigation? Or maybe you are looking to move your website from one hosting server to another. Well, look no further, with years of experience backing us, you can leave these hassles to us and sit back to relax.

Content Updation

Fresh website content not only helps lure new leads and improve the website’s overall search ranking, but it also keeps your existing subscribers and visitors engaged. Our website support team is equipped to update content on any website and make sure your website doesn’t end up being a dead entity in the digital space.

Secure Website

Your website is your digital storefront and often the first point of contact with visitors or potential customers. Its security is crucial to prevent any data breach or malware attacks to your website as well as safeguarding the visitor information such as names, credit card details, email addresses, etc. We make sure to obtain security certificates for your website as well as check any third-party plugins for vulnerabilities.

We do it differently

Technical Support

Building websites is a daunting task and to make sure that money and effort pay off, you need to keep that website in the best shape and running like a well-oiled machine. While some changes can be straight forward, some may present a challenge. Our website maintenance team first sits down with you to understand your needs and then provides all the technical support needed to accomplish the task.

Lead Generation

Today, your website acts as your virtual representation to everyone that visits the website and not just as a customary placeholder. Therefore, it should be equipped to impress the visitors and convert them into relevant leads. And to maximize lead generation, your website must reach the maximum number of people. This can be achieved with indexing, SEO, etc. We help you check all the necessary boxes so that you can attract the maximum visitors to your website.

Branding Support

How your audience views your website, paves the way to how they perceive your brand. Building a brand identity and establishing customer trust today is impossible without a fully operational website. From providing adequate and relevant content to making sure the overall look exudes quality, we make sure to keep your website fresh and ready for your visitors.

Lead Conversion

Websites have conversion issues when visitors either do not stay long enough for it to load or don’t go beyond a certain page, often the homepage. Not only does it result in loss of leads but is also detrimental in the website’s indexing. Be it a technical issue or a user experience issue, we can get to the root of it and fix it for you.

If you are facing any issues with your website that you may or may not be able to identify, let us step in and take it off your plate. We pride in taking up challenges head-on and delivering on our promises! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your website back in shape!

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