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Search engine optimization, organic search positioning or mere SEO are all different names used for optimizing your website suitable for the search engines to crawl, index and deliver search results for its users. There are hundreds of criteria Google stipulate for a website to become search engine friendly. We at Brandliter analyze your website, research SEO issues and provide timely solutions. When your website is search engine friendly your customers have easy access to your site and also your site will be presented by search engines to the users who are searching a specific term or keyword relevant to your website.

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To promote and market your business building a website is just the beginning. What is next? Finding customers or creating your brand awareness is the next goal any business owner would be seeking. It is just because you’ve created a nice site, does not promise that anybody will visit your site. In order to be successful in your business goals and web marketing your website has to be placed in key positions and ranking in search engines. We analyze and incorporate many tools in your website to accomplish search ranking through Search engine optimization. We will make sure your customers can find your website easily while searching a keyword associated with your products and services.


Search engines and their ranking algorithm are getting smarter every day and keeping and sustaining organic positions are harder than ever before. The guidelines and criteria includes many factors such as: when your website established, What is the relevancy of your website content compared to the keywords a user is searching, what products and services you offer, When a customer land on your website are they reach the page they are looking for, who is connected to your web site , who is talking about your websites, who like and doesn’t like, what is are the overall impression of your users, your location and your local presence- All these factors are considered by search engines before assigning your website a rank in search engine database. At Brandliter our SEO experts are equipped with all necessary tools and knowledge to help you succeed in your online marketing plan.

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Search engine Giant, Google changes its algorithm every year many times to improve user search results and eliminate unwanted results. Most of the changes are minor but some of the changes affect websites significantly if it doesn’t meet the webmaster guidelines. What this means to a website owner? Search engines clearly demands website owners and webmasters to comply with their guidelines to show up in search results.


Through Google Panda update, Google changed its ranking criteria by filtering low quality sites and assigning high ranking for high quality sites. Panda release pushed many high quality sites to the top of the search results and penalized poor or low quality sites. Brandliter can considerably improve your website quality by constantly checking your website and making required changes.


Google Penguin is another code name for Google algorithm. Google penguin is mainly targeted towards websites that infringe Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using immoral practices involved in growing misleadingly the ranking of a webpage by deploying the number of links pointing to a webpage. Such strategies are generally labeled as link schemes. Our experts will scrutinize your website and suggest all available options to meet or exceed Google penguin guidelines.

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Google hummingbird is another algorithm and was a complete refit of the whole Google search engine. Panda and Penguin algorithm changes are parts of search engine but, Hummingbird wasn’t just a new part; it was a totally new engine. The new hummingbird engine still makes use of many of the old parts like Panda and Penguin but a good volume of the search engine is entirely new.

The Hummingbird algorithm is designed for Google to better understand a user’s query. If someone is searching with a long query Hummingbird is able to determine that phrase and deliver search results accordingly. Meeting hummingbird guidelines is another important criterion in SEO and your website can benefit substantially in organic ranking.



Search engine optimization is all about building and maintaining high quality sites. There are not short cuts or quick fix to meet search engine standards. SEO is not about tricking the search engines through black hat techniques but rather building and maintaining your website according to the guidelines and standards so that users can find your website when they are searching keywords that matches your product and services.