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Whenever a user runs a search on Google, they seldom visit the second or third page. Experts consider this as a rule of thumb, if it’s not on the first SERP (search engine result page), it’s not there. This makes it crucial to put all efforts in to bring the webpage to the first SERP. But with Google using more than 200 factors in its search algorithm to rank websites, it may not be enough. Sometimes, there is too much competition, and this is where SEM comes to the rescue. It consists of paid advertisements to secure that evading spot on the first SERP.


While both have been often confused to be same and though SEO and SEM fall under the same “Search Marketing” umbrella, they have a distinct process and serve their own set of goals. SEO aims at increasing the webpage position on the ranking index organically and SEM focuses on bringing your paid ads to the first SERP. SEO employs practices to optimize the webpages based on the algorithm but best SEM companies helps websites bypass the process altogether. Hence at times, SEM brings results much before SEO makes a dent in the performance metrics.

What is SEM?

SEM majorly entails paid search advertising or paid ads that appear at the top of the SERP, even before the links appearing in search results. This makes it even more lucrative as the ads become the first thing the user views on the SERP. We use some of the top techniques of SEM to boost your website’s visibility that increases conversions.


You pay only for the ads where the user clicks on the Ad. PPC is favoured as it has one of the highest ROIs. The Ads which the users see but doesn’t click on are not charged. We curate ads based on your demographics, their search patterns in order to maximize the results.


CPA is the total cost of the PPC campaign divided by the total acquired conversions. This provides us a clear picture of how the entire marketing campaign is fairing and what needs to be tweaked to drive conversions.


One of the most popular price schemes for paid ads. CPM measures how much 1000 ad impressions are costing. We analyse your CPM campaign’s ROI based on the click-through rates which is how often users click the ad compared to the number of impressions.


CPC is calculated based on what your competitors are paying for the same keywords over a certain amount of time. We make sure to use the best tools that provide us an informed insight into which keywords to focus on in order to keep your costs low while boosting the results.

How it Works?

Saturation and Transparency

We make sure to take you along in this marketing journey at all stages. We known as top SEM companies our team keeps you apprised of all aspects of the campaign so that you are not in the dark. At every point in time, you know how your money is at work and how much is it impacting your conversions and revenue.

Targeted Traffic

Our team enters the space with a laser approach and instead of shooting in the dark, we pause and understand your business, the competition so that we target the right sets of audiences. This ensures quality leads which can be converted to sales eventually.


The correct execution of the paid search ads campaign is as crucial is formulating the plan of the action itself. We focus on all aspects of the campaign using correct display ads, shopping campaigns, retargeting, and remarketing ads on the web as well as mobile search browsers.


Our team keeps an eye on the metrics for you and provide monthly detailed reports on how the campaign faired. Based on the preceding month’s results we evaluate the ads and strategize for the upcoming month.

At Brandliter, our prime focus is to make sure that you get the best results with each penny you spend. Give us a chance to help you boost your sales growth. So, are you ready to take the next step and reach more users?

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