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Today companies are looking for both a competitive and creative virtual profile that enables them to stand out in the marketplace, and with Brandliter you can accomplish your business requirements and your needs all in one place. We will provide you with not only the solutions but the services that go with it.


Brandliter wants your website content to be relevant to your target audience. We analyze what you want to promote and then develop the appropriate content that aligns with your specific website needs. We include the necessary phasing, key words and search engine optimization (SEO) that enhances your content as well as attracts and retains users to your site. We focus on strategic information situated in just the right format to facilitate ease of reading and understanding of content. Our primary focus is the creation of useful and convincing content for you and your users.


Articles and blogs can be easily written and posted on client websites and other places, and Brandliter will provide the necessary support and input to help you achieve either or both. Give us a specific word count and the topic or subject and we’re off and running. Our expert professionals will help you develop, write, edit and proof, or even rewrite, the topics or subject matter that you have chosen. Whether you require a one-time 800 word article or short blog postings for a daily or weekly blog, we can take any information and turn it into an informative and fun experience for you and your readers


Brandliter can deliver white paper documents to meet your corporate or personal needs. We can help you describe your situation or problem and propose a specific solution for you. With a white paper, Brandliter can meet your marketing needs and capture the attention of your users and convince them of your position. We identify the problem, determine the scope of your users, hone in on the specific aspects of the problem, propose direct solutions, provide background concerning the problem, if necessary, and finally describe the solution or solutions in a clear step-by-step fashion for you and your users.


No one likes to research for hours and hours and not find or come up with the necessary results. At Brandliter we know how to effectively research the internet on any topic. With all the information currently available through the internet from statistics to scholarly data, the possibilities are endless. We use general as well as advanced internet search features and Meta searches, which search in concise and specified terms and filter out what is not on topic. Other useful information for research purposes is found through specific search engines such as the US government’s search engine. Their data bases are extremely comprehensive and offer numerous and available information.


Brandliter will keep your website running smoothly whether on a regular or scheduled basis through our website maintenance program.We’ll update your website information according to your specifications and make sure that your systems are current. Your background programs will be reviewed, checked, updated and secured, and other tasks such as tool installation and changing content can be completed as well. We’ll maintain your system when any security threat occurs and provide the necessary assistance for any information that has been compromised. All of this will help you maintain the safety of your site and viewers will be able to follow along with the changes as well. Site users will appreciate new and updated content and security features while you increase and maintain your user base with rotating and important updates.

Choosing BrandLiter – meant an intuitive and affordable design company and also getting a really friendly and straight forward branding partner which is ready to help if you need help.

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